Collegiate School

Collegiate approached us in need of a design overhaul of their triannual magazine SPARK, and we were up for the challenge. It would be imperative that we respect the existing brand and its traditional yellow and green color palette, while also bringing new life to the magazine through trendy design techniques.

We developed two new looks for SPARK based on research we’d gathered from Q&A sessions and presented them directly to their board. Our ideas were well-received, and with a little fine-tuning we agreed on the right concept to usher in this new phase of the magazine.

The communications team encouraged us to experiment with design, and we worked hand-in-hand with the editor to give this symbol of the Collegiate community a completely new image.

Creative Strategy
Print Publication

The Process

But it couldn’t just look good. It also had to meet budget and deadline restrictions. Which led us to develop a more streamlined process that allowed our designers and the team at Collegiate to work together in tandem. This allowed us to cut down on cost and time by helping us produce the magazine 53% faster while only using 47% of the allotted budget and having 37% fewer rounds of revisions.

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Fall 2019

Summer 2020

Fall 2021

History in the Making

Years later, we’ve successfully produced many issues of SPARK magazine and continue to explore different design features and layout techniques within each issue. All while staying true to the established Collegiate brand.